Video Series: Restructuring the KBC

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Ealier this year, the Kentucky Baptist Convention embraced a plan that will enable more direct assistance to the 2,400 KBC member churches, better preparing them to serve their communities and the world. Trying to get your head around some of the changes?

In this video series, I walk viewers through the impetus for the restructuring and the vision for the future.

You can watch the whole series in the video player below. To view individual segments in the series, click the playlist button on the bottom right of the player.

You can also download each segment and share it with your congregation via the links below. Tip: right-click and choose “save as” or “save target as.”

Restructuring the KBC: Introduction
Restructuring the KBC: Why?
Restructuring the KBC: The World is Bigger Than Kentucky
Restructuring the KBC: Youth and Kentucky Changers
Restructuring the KBC: Church Revitalization
Restructuring the KBC: Some Things Haven’t Changed
Restructuring the KBC: Study Committee

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