RISK: Paducah

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The following is a guest column from Chuck McAlister, KBC Evangelism and Church Planting Team leader.

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to tour Paducah. Within this quaint, little town are great people with deep family values and a rich American heritage. One of our favorite places was the Paducah Floodwall Mural. The mural itself is amazing, but the history it represents is incredible.

In November, Baptists from all over the Commonwealth will assemble in Paducah for the annual Kentucky Baptist Convention. We will gather for ministry reports, various meetings, and networking.

As we depart, what legacy will we leave behind? Will we have been part of just another convention that invaded the town for a few days? Will people even know we were in their city? Or, will Kentucky Baptists have taken great strides to advance Christ’s Kingdom and see lives changed?

The Evangelism, Church Planting, & Collegiate Ministries of the KBC are offering RISK: Paducah, a week of outreach events that will take place during the week leading up to annual meeting, Nov. 2-9. Help us share Christ with this city by participating in these projects:

NOVEMBER 2 Women’s Prison Ministry. Serve lunch to approximately 750 inmates and prison staff, provide music, and a gospel driven message.
Contact: Lee Russ, [email protected]
NOVEMBER 3 Friend Day at Local Churches. Churches are encouraged to offer Friend Day or similar event to encourage unreached and unchurched people to attend worship.Contact: Todd Gray, [email protected], 502-245-4101
NOVEMBER 3-9 My Hope with Billy Graham. Churches are encouraged to participate in My Hope with Bill Graham. “It is a massive effort to reach people across the United States and Canada with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
Contact: Dan Powell, [email protected], 502-693-9075
NOVEMBER 7 Wild Game Dinner. Twelve Oaks Baptist Church will offer a Wild Game Dinner for the community.
Contact: Brandt Lyon, 270-554-4634 or twelveoaksbaptistchurch.org
NOVEMBER 7-9 Basketball Camp. Fellowship of Christian Athletes, FBC, Brunswick, GA, and a local Paducah church will provide a basketball camp for middle and high school students.
Contact: DeAnna Terry, 502-489-3418, [email protected]
NOVEMBER 8 Teen Girls Event. A Friday evening event for teenage girls.
Contact: Kris White, 502-245-4101
NOVEMBER 9 Women’s Quilting Event. A quilting event offered to the community as a means to share Jesus.
Contact: Patti Kimble, [email protected], 501-627-5179
NOVEMBER 9 Community Surveys/Prayer Walking.
Contact: Mike Williams, [email protected]
NOVEMBER 9-10 Revivals at Local Churches. Churches encouraged to offer evangelistic revivals services with an emphasis on Veteran’s Day.
Contact: Howard Atkinson, [email protected] or 270-554-5717
NOVEMBER 10 New Church Plant Launch.
Contact: Carlos De la Barra, [email protected] or 502-245-4101
NOVEMBER 11 KBC Pastor’s Conference & Mission Board Meeting
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