Annual Meeting Preview

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Days from now Kentucky Baptists will gather for our annual business meeting. This year’s convention will be marked as one of the most important spiritual events in the history of the KBC. How so?

Risk: Paducah has a spiritual army of Kentucky Baptists on mission. Numerous local churches are hosting simultaneous revivals and outreach initiatives with Kentucky Baptists from all across the state participating in the evangelistic events.

I am grateful for the visionary leadership of KBC Evangelism & Church Planting Team Leader Chuck McAlister and all of the members of our mission board staff who have helped in planning, organizing and participating in Risk: Paducah. I am also grateful for the churches and Directors of Missions joining this massive evangelistic emphasis. We look forward to the annual meeting where we will be celebrating all the ways God has used these efforts. Never before has our annual meeting been marked by such gospel proclamation.

In other annual meeting news, the choice facing the Sunrise board of trustees may or may not be acted upon before the annual meeting. Continue to pray for their board as it meets on November 8, just days before Kentucky Baptists gather.

A matter likely coming for consideration to the messengers on Nov. 12 is that of our relationship with Georgetown College. Last year the Western Recorder announced a motion regarding the partnership agreement with Georgetown College would come during the 2012 annual meeting.

That motion read as follows: “In these days of limited resources and a more focused ministry assignment, Kentucky Baptists are choosing to invest Christian education resources, energies, and attention on our institutions that are in covenant agreement with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Therefore the KBC will terminate its ministry partnership with Georgetown College pursuant to the memorandum of understanding between the parties dated Nov. 15, 2005. Upon expiration of the ministry partnership, the KBC will no longer maintain a partnership agreement with Georgetown College, which elected to terminate its Covenant Agreement with the KBC in 2005. We appreciate the Baptist foundation of Georgetown College and offer our prayers for their endeavors to serve Christ and His Kingdom.”

Upon the announcement of Georgetown’s search for a new president, and by request of Earl Goode, Georgetown’s board of trustee chairman, that motion was delayed for one year to give Georgetown time to choose a new president and determine if that new president would want Georgetown to reinstate the covenant agreement with the KBC.

While grateful for all that Kentucky Baptists have done for Georgetown College, newly elected president Dwaine Greene has indicated that he and the board have no desire for Georgetown to re-establish the Covenant Agreement. Thus, the Mission Board will likely bring the delayed motion for convention approval.

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