‘Wars and rumors of wars’

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A few days before our nation celebrated its independence, the Obama administration continued its assault on American morals and values with the inclusion of gender frauds in the United States military and threats of drafting our daughters for war. Media coverage coincided with stories of a seemingly endless number of suicide bombers and well-armed terrorists continuing to unleash suffering and death around the globe and, increasingly, on American soil.

While military and political experts debate ways to defeat a covert enemy with no regard for human life, I believe the time has come to question whether that enemy has the capacity to defeat us. By “us,” I am referring to the peoples and nations that do not embrace the teachings of the Koran and Islam.

Notice I do not use the term “Muslim” to reference our enemies, because millions of people who call themselves Muslims do not live out the murderous teachings of the Koran and, thus, are not our enemies. They may have been born into Islamic countries and/or cultural traditions, but they do not obey the Koran’s commands to kill infidels (non-Muslims). That doesn’t mean Islam is a “religion of peace,” as President Obama is fond of saying. To the contrary, peaceful Muslims are those who choose not to follow some or all of the teachings of their religion.

As for the growing number of Muslims bent on following the Koran and creating an Islamic Caliphate everywhere on the planet, they are the self-professed enemies of every human being who refuses to submit to their demonic religion and have unequivocally and publicly declared war upon on us all. And they just might win.

Why would I make such an unthinkable statement? Consider these reasons, among many:

  1. The seat of economic and military power has, for the past several decades, resided in the West, but Western nations are quickly abandoning the cultural values, moral precepts, and religious convictions that have kept us unified and strong. This abandonment is the direct result of the rejection of Christianity. The call to lay down one’s life for God and country begins to ring hollow in countries where God is mocked and His teachings are discarded as offensive. Will millions of young fighting men still answer the call to war when the country for which they would fight despises their core beliefs and their God? Will those who do not believe in God and the Bible’s teachings about our obligations to love our neighbors and defend the weak be willing to put themselves in harm’s way for their fellow man?
  2. Although religious convictions are disappearing in free nations, they are growing in the Islamic world. The jihadist takes up arms and willingly lays down his life with the conviction that his god will welcome him into eternity. Eternal convictions are what cause men to face the enemy with courage and risk death with shocking confidence. In the classic movie, “Sargent York,” young Alvin stole away to the woods to search the Scriptures for direction and then faced the enemy without any concern for his own life. Today, young Abdul does the same, but studying the Koran rather than the Bible, what he reads is not a call to defend the defenseless but a call to slaughter the defenseless. He answers that call with a promise of virgins awaiting him in the afterlife.
  3. Bible prophecy does not ensure the temporal defeat nor victory of Islam. What the Bible does ensure is the victory of Christ over Satan and the eternal victory of the church over everything and everyone who stands against her, the false religion of Islam included.

Will America ever become a Muslim nation? I wish the answer to that question was more obvious than it is. Will Islam wipe Christianity from the face of the earth? I’m glad the answer to that question is never in doubt.

Muhammed’s bones are dust, but Jesus’ tomb is empty and His bride will be here to greet Him when He comes for her. I love my country and pray God does not lift His hand of protection from her. But my petitions turn to praise when I recall that God will deliver His people from death’s sting to Christ’s eternal Kingdom.

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  1. Jeffrey E. Sams
    Posted July 12, 2016 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    Amen and amen! I am thrilled that Dr. Chitwood has chosen to deliver this unequivocal dose of common sense. Too many people today, including some among the brethren, vacillate and waver when it comes to meeting the threat of Islam. Yes, there are many good people among the Muslims, probably most of them, but those that adhere most closely to Islamic teachings are a threat to our civilization. We must love all people, but we must firmly speak the truth in love. We fail society and, most importantly, we fail the cause of Christ when we are afraid to tell it like it is. It gives me a great deal of pride to see our Executive Director standing out front and speaking truth to all who will listen. May God continue to richly bless and use you, Dr. Chitwood. Keep up the good work for Kentucky Baptists and the Kingdom of God!