What your church gets from KBC & the Cooperative Program

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I was recently asked, “What does my church get from being a part of the Kentucky Baptist Convention of churches and giving through the Cooperative Program?” I love that question! Here’s my reply.

First and foremost, your church gets to be obedient to Acts 1:8 and the Great Commission. While your church is busy reaching your community or your “Jerusalem,” every church, according to Jesus in Acts 1:8, is also called to be a witness in your Judea (state), your Samaria (nation), and to the ends of the earth. By working in cooperation with the 2,400 churches of the KBC and the 46,000 churches of the Southern Baptist Convention, your church is being a witness in all these areas. How so?

  • In Kentucky, you currently are funding 52 new KBC church plants.
  • Through the North American Mission Board of the SBC, you are funding over 700 more church plants.
  • You are ministering to orphans and abused and neglected children across our state, by providing for the work of Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children, known today as Sunrise Children’s Services. Sunrise is the James 1:27 ministry of the KBC. Currently, Sunrise is ministering to over 1,200 hurting individuals.
  • Your church is sharing the gospel on the campuses of more than 20 colleges and universities in our state through Baptist Campus Ministry.
  • Since KBC supports like-minded homeless ministries, refugee ministries, and human trafficking eradication efforts in our state, your church is supporting those crucial ministries.
  • KBC Disaster Relief volunteers handed out water and shared about Jesus this past weekend in Ashland where a city water main was broken. Last week, KBC Disaster Relief volunteers were repairing wells in South Africa and sharing about Jesus. Because of your faithful support, you are nearly everywhere a major disaster strikes, helping the victims through Disaster Relief.
  • Your church shared the gospel with 14,505 older kids and teens this summer through KBC camps, called Crossings Ministries. Over 700 students made professions of faith in Jesus.
  • You support Oneida Baptist Institute, Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, Kentucky

WMU, six seminaries, 3,600 missionaries overseas, and so much more!

Second, your church gets access to professional consulting that KBC provides free of charge since the Cooperative Program is funding it. In most any ministry area, whether music, youth, children, senior adults, Sunday School, or outreach, KBC consultants stand ready to work with your church to help equip your leaders and strengthen your ministry.

Third, your church’s paid staff have access to the denominational retirement plan and health insurance plans. Eligible ministers and church employees in the Church Retirement Plan have a life insurance type benefit and disability benefit provided through CP funding.

Fourth, your church gets a voice in Frankfort. Through our KBC lobbyist and the work of the KBC Public Affairs Committee, we have seen three pieces of significant pro-life legislation passed and signed into law over the past two year. We have defended religious liberty and helped to overhaul the foster and adoption laws in the state. And we have kept casino gambling and recreational marijuana from becoming plagues on Kentucky. Since KBC has worked in partnership with other groups and elected officials on these issues, your church has been a part of these victories.

I am grateful for every church that is a part of all that God is doing in Kentucky, North America, and around the world through the KBC family of churches.

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