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Our Mission

Developing and utilizing a mission statement is a common practice for churches, businesses, and most any type of organization. A well-written mission statement clearly states the organization’s purpose and serves as a guidepost to help the organization remain true to that purpose. Thus, the mission statement of the Kentucky Baptist Convention states the primary purpose […]

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Three Truths, Revisited

One year ago, I wrote an article stating that, for its future to be viable, three things must hold true for the KBC. First, I maintained the KBC must constantly strive to meet pastors and churches where they are. Acknowledging our Lord’s commission has not changed, every generation is presented with unique challenges and opportunities […]

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Reflections on the 175th Annual Meeting

My thanks go to the ministry staff and members of Immanuel Baptist Church and to our Mission Board staff for the tremendous job they did in hosting our annual meeting! The meeting presented a timely opportunity for Kentucky Baptists to be updated on the new organization of the Mission Board and the Kingdom work being […]

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KBC Mission Board Staff Report

It was my pleasure to offer my second KBC Mission Board staff report to messengers at the recent Kentucky Baptist Convention annual meeting.  You can view my report here:

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Guest Post: The Four Pegs

Today’s post is from Curtis Woods, associate executive director for convention relations & communications. Perhaps it was Rupert Meldenius, who said, “Unity in essentials, liberty in incidentals, and in all things charity.” This maxim portrays the heartbeat of many Kentucky Baptists. As associate executive director for convention relations, I believe that biblical truth and compassionate love […]

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