Together, we are the KBC!

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KBC logoIn communicating to the search team some key areas I want to focus upon as I begin to serve Kentucky Baptists, I was aware that many other important roles for the KBC will always exist. Still, I see five “opportunity areas” that can help us ensure you of the value of your Cooperative Program investment and, God willing, grow that investment. As I stated last week, the first opportunity concerns the Great Commission Task Force report. The second opportunity concerns the relationships between the KBC and local churches and their pastors.

Know that, at the KBC, you have a team of men and women whose very calling is to serve you and your church. Whether you need assistance with children’s or youth ministry, help starting new Sunday School classes, planning a mission trip, or preparing a realistic budget or building plan, your KBC staff includes specialists in these and many more areas of ministry, as well as a vast network of contact information of churches and ministers who are willing to offer suggestions and advice.

Your staff also includes many gifted preachers and former pastors who are willing to fill the pulpit or simply share about the Kingdom work being accomplished through your CP gifts. We are here to serve you so call on us! And, if you are a pastor, don’t be surprised if we call on you.

While the members of the KBC staff are here to serve the churches of Kentucky, the staff is not the sum total of our convention. I fear that many Kentucky Baptists have come to think of the KBC as what happens “at the Baptist building” or the conferences and ministries directed by the staff. I pray our vision for the KBC can be expanded so that every Kentucky Baptist realizes that all of us, together, are the KBC.

In order for our partnership to yield the greatest Kingdom impact, every Kentucky Baptist must see themselves as co-laborers in the mission. I hope that a sense of unity and partnership will always characterize our relationships within the convention. Strong relationships and a deep sense of trust will ensure we are never foes of one another but rightly understand that our foe is “the accuser of our brethren” (Rev. 12:10). Can I count on you?

Let me know how we help you and/or your church become more excited about investing your Kingdom resources through the Cooperative Program. Send me an email at paul.chitwood {at} or post your suggestions here on the blog!

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