Three Truths, Revisited

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One year ago, I wrote an article stating that, for its future to be viable, three things must hold true for the KBC.

First, I maintained the KBC must constantly strive to meet pastors and churches where they are. Acknowledging our Lord’s commission has not changed, every generation is presented with unique challenges and opportunities in fulfilling that commission. For the KBC to remain effective at helping churches fulfill their mission, our Mission Board staff and ministries must be able to help our generation of churches address their challenges and take advantage of their opportunities.

Second, I argued the KBC must rise to the challenge of clearly communicating its Kingdom role. While the KBC has many ministries designed to serve and strengthen the local church, most Kentucky Baptists know very little about these ministries or how their church could be blessed by them.

Third, I contended that our state convention structure and ministries must respond to the present financial challenges by valuing the things Kentucky Baptists value most and by continually striving to offer strategic, high quality ministry support for churches. We must make hard choices between the “good” things we do and the “best” things we do and then do those things with excellence.

One year later, we have undertaken a seismic and historic transition. Where do we stand on these three proposals?

First, our new mission statement and Mission Board staff structure have us positioned to meet pastors and churches where they are. KBC staff members approach our churches from a position of humility, acknowledging we are only here because the churches have put us here and we are here for the sole purpose of serving the churches. Moreover, our staff members are available daily to encourage and assist pastors and churches on the church field. Our staff members are men and women who bring with them years of experience, a track record of success in their unique ministry areas, and a set of listening ears.

Second, more than ever, our staff members are engaging every available opportunity for communication. They are active on social media, available to speak or preach, and are constantly looking for new ways to raise awareness concerning ways we can bless and serve the local church.

Third, we have responded to the financial challenges of our day with a leaner Mission Board staff, a renewed focus upon serving KBC churches as our first priority, and a greater investment of Cooperative Program dollars in places where the gospel has not been heard.

While these moves continue to require difficult choices between what is “good” and what is “best,” we whole-heartedly believe these moves find us valuing the things Kentucky Baptists value most.

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