Gospel Faithfulness

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Philip Meade, pastor of Graefenburg Baptist Church in Waddy, recently published a challenging post on his blog: “Gospel Faithfulness and Orphans.”

Meade’s premise is that true Gospel faithfulness demands Kentucky Baptists do more than uphold convictions related to Biblical sexuality; we must also be at least as passionate about figuring out how to continue to serve the kids in the care of Sunrise Children’s Services.

I’m grateful to Meade for continuing the conversation about Sunrise Children’s Services in a constructive way, and I’m grateful that Meade and Graefenburg Baptist Church are committed to complete Gospel faithfulness.

My response to Meade’s post:

Hear, hear! Thank you, Philip, for your efforts to turn our concern to hurting kids in Kentucky. Matters related to Sunrise have dominated my days and nights for the past several weeks and that remains to be true 2 weeks after the KBC annual meeting. I pledge to you that we will make every effort to use this crisis to raise awareness and support for the kids. With so many issues on the table, I ask for the prayers and patience of Kentucky Baptists as we eat this elephant one bite at a time and refuse to ignore the elephant in the room, i.e., children who have been horribly victimized and MUST be cared for.

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