A Pastor’s Wife

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Michelle ChitwoodThis week’s article is a guest post by Michelle Chitwood and includes an invitation to the open house for ministers’ wives during the Annual Meeting of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Michelle is the wife of KBC Executive Director Paul Chitwood.

Our name is pastor’s wife

By Michelle Chitwood

Our name has traveled from town to town, from city to city, and from state to state.

Our name is the worship songs sung on Sunday mornings, songs like “I Surrender All,” because we have.

It is accomplishment.

It is forgiven.

It is the silent strength our husbands need.

It is the friend who will not compromise.

Being alone at times, but always surrounded.

Grace follows it around.

Our name wonders what life would be like not to be in this role. I mean of all the names, for me, pastor’s wife was the most surprising, but for others it was no surprise at all.

We are called by other names, too: mommy, daughter, teacher, nurse, the list goes on and on. But the name that makes it the happiest is Christian. This name makes our paths straight.

We would not like to be called by any other name. It is who we are supposed to be. It is what we were created for.

Our name has been many places, and we know it has much more road to travel. We will look forward to what lies ahead. We will enjoy the journey, and we will never forget how we got here.

Our stories are different, but the name we share makes us one.

Ministers’ wives, please join me during the Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting for an open house in your honor, and connect with other wives of Kentucky Baptist ministers. The Ministers’ Wives Open House will be held Nov. 11 from 10 a.m. until noon, and again from 1:30 p.m. until 3 p.m.

No advance reservations are necessary. Be sure, however, to pick up your minister’s wife button at the convention information table located near the KBC registration area. The button is your admission to the open house.

Come and tell us your name and your story.

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