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It’s Time to Re-envision the Work of the KBC

After six months as your executive director, I am more excited than ever about the churches and ministries of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Through the work of our churches and the mission partnerships we have formed, each day the cause of the Kingdom is advancing on earth and the rolls are expanding in Heaven. While […]

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Three Keys to a Viable Future for KBC

In my last post, I wrote about the rapid reorientation of religious denominations. While no one is exactly sure what the outcome will be, the fact that we are witnessing a dramatic transition in the traditional roles of denominations is generally unchallenged. The pressing question: What does all of this mean for the Kentucky Baptist […]

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Who Would Miss the KBC?

If state conventions went away, would we miss them? That question might not sound strange coming from a young pastor who abhors bureaucracy and prioritizes investing in personal relationships over supporting systems and structures. But it probably sounds very strange coming from an executive director of a state convention. Nevertheless, I think it is a […]

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A Denominational Niche: Connecting Partners

Among the key areas I plan to focus upon now that I have begun to serve Kentucky Baptists in my new role are embracing the Great Commission Task Force report, strengthening the relationship between the Kentucky Baptist Convention and local churches and their pastors, and starting new churches. While many other important roles for the […]

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