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Renewing the KBC’s Historic Vision

According to North American Mission Board research, approximately 2.8 million Kentuckians have yet to place their faith in Christ and experience salvation. That reality alone justifies the existence of the Kentucky Baptist Convention as a missions agency created by churches, for churches, to help churches reach Kentucky and the world for Christ. Great Commission obedience […]

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Leading Church Members to Evangelism

I’d like to share a guest post today from KBC President Adam Greenway. This piece has also appeared in the Southern Seminary Magazine and the Virginia Baptist Banner: Leading Church Members to Engage in Personal Evangelism “Pastor, we want to see our church grow!” might qualify as the most frequent statement uttered by a pastor […]

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End the Missionary Drawdown, Start the Surge!

The ongoing debate over withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan seems to revolve around at least four basic issues: the cost of troop deployment, the purpose/success/failure of the mission, the desire of families to get their loved ones back home, and, of course, the politics. As the U.S. economy struggles and the wars wear on, […]

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Three Keys to a Viable Future for KBC

In my last post, I wrote about the rapid reorientation of religious denominations. While no one is exactly sure what the outcome will be, the fact that we are witnessing a dramatic transition in the traditional roles of denominations is generally unchallenged. The pressing question: What does all of this mean for the Kentucky Baptist […]

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Creating a Stir with ‘More for Christ’

One of the Kentucky Great Commission Task Force proposals adopted by our churches is causing quite a stir! The proposal reads: Initiate a 3-year emphasis called  “More for Christ,” an intentional time of repentance, renewal, and redirection for the future…. More for Christ means: More of myself in personal surrender, personal witness, and personal sacrifice, […]

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