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Unprepared & scared: Lessons learned after 24 Halloweens

I was called to the pastorate of Southfork Baptist Church in Owen County on Halloween in 1993. I was a newly married, second year seminary student with a clear sense that it was time I move from supply preacher to undershepherd. As Michelle and I drove back to the Louisville after the evening service, we […]

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Lives at Stake

It’s been nearly 12 years since an uninvited guest appeared at my office and asked for an opportunity to visit with me. Little did I know that visit would so dramatically impact my life. After introducing himself and stating that he was there to talk with me about a pressing subject, the man asked if […]

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Join me for a tour of the Holy Land

Michelle and I were blessed to tour the Holy Land in 2001. I agree with Dr. Steve Rice who says, “The best way I can sum up the trip is that it changes you. I am not the same guy I was when I left. I will never read the Bible the same, I will […]

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Southern Baptist Terrorists? A response to Mike Greer

In a ludicrous and highly offensive article recently published by Associated Baptist Press, Mike Greer likens Southern Baptists to one of the most brutal, murdersome terror cells in the world. Greer writes: “Boko Haram and Southern Baptists have some things in common. Both are seeking to counteract or derail what is perceived by them to […]

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The Christmas Story Needs the Easter Story

Christmas is a sentimental holiday, filled with childhood nostalgia, plenty of commercialism, and more opportunities to enjoy tasty treats than most of us need. More importantly, Christmas is also intricately tied to Easter and, together, the events memorialized in our Christmas and Easter celebrations are the source of eternal hope for sinners in need of […]

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