‘The Offering’ recounts remarkable life of OBI’s Barkley Moore

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Several months ago, Judy Powell, a graduate of Oneida Baptist Institute, contacted me requesting that I offer edits to her forthcoming book on the life of Barkley Moore. When I agreed to do so and later shared my delight over The Offering, she invited me to write an endorsement for the book cover. I am sharing that endorsement with you, along with my recommendation that you pick up a copy of The Offering and learn more about the history of one of Kentucky Baptists’ fine institutions and esteemed leaders. The book is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other retailers.

My endorsement follows:

In The Offering, Judy Powell tells the story of Barkley Moore, one of God’s choice servants. In so doing, she records the remarkable history of Oneida Baptist Institute and a significant part of the mission work of the people known as Kentucky Baptists.

Barkley Moore was a father-figure to thousands of children, many of whom had no father. One paragraph from Powell’s book, lifted from Moore’s recounting of a conversation with one of his students, sufficiently illustrates what Moore meant to many of the children he served:

“Mr. Moore you are the nearest to a father I’ve had.” I am a little startled. The boy goes on to relate to me a conversation that he had with me once in the laundry room as he washed his clothes. I don’t remember that particular conversation, but the boy said, “You’ll never know just how much that meant to me.” I don’t tell him that I don’t remember. He cries some more. We never know when we are saying something that sticks with someone a lifetime.

Thanks to Judy Powell, many of Moore’s words will now stick with me for a lifetime. More importantly, Moore’s life dedicated to humbly serving Christ and preparing the next generation to serve Christ, can challenge and inspire generations to come.

I am praying the Lord will use The Offering to stir us to make of our lives the kind of fragrant offering to Christ that surely was the life of Barkley Moore.

Though Barkley Moore passed away two decades ago, the work of OBI continues to flourish under the leadership of President Larry Gritton. Enrollment is up and plans are in the works for upgrading and expanding the campus. Founded in 1899, OBI has a rich history of ministry to children in the mountains that has grown into a school boasting students and graduates from around the world.

My prayer is that this ministry of Kentucky Baptists will continue to shape the lives of children to the glory of God and those children will, like Judy Powell, tell us the story of what God is doing at OBI.

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This is the Week of Prayer for the Eliza Broadus Offering

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prayerbulletinpowertoserve2014-1The partnership between the Kentucky Baptist Convention and Kentucky Woman’s Missionary Union is a wonderful example of impacting lostness through cooperation. In addition to mission camps, missions education, and hands-on mission work, the WMU labors intensely to promote and ensure the success of the Eliza Broadus Offering for State Missions that now totals more than $1 million each year. The offering funds KBC Mission Board ministries, local associations, state missionaries, and a host of evangelistic initiatives to resource vital Kingdom ministries.

More than 100 years ago, Eliza Broadus led Kentucky WMU to promote taking an annual offering for state missions in KBC churches. At that time, Baptist churches in Kentucky had already been working cooperatively for more than 75 years but had not been collecting a special offering to be used exclusively to do mission work within the state.

Eliza moved to Kentucky with her father, John A. Broadus, when she was 26 years old. Her father not only baptized Lottie Moon during his years as a pastor, but also became a member of the founding faculty of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and served as the seminary’s second president. He is counted among Southern Baptists’ most esteemed preachers, theologians, and leaders.

Eliza’s mother, Maria, died at the young age of 26. Eliza, at the time a child only six years old with two sisters, formed an especially close relationship with her father. She later followed him to Kentucky upon the relocation of the seminary from Greenville, S.C., to Louisville. She never married.

Eliza served in many roles with Woman’s Missionary Union at the state and national levels. She was widely known to have a heart that burned for the cause of worldwide missions but also understood the need for her neighbors to hear the gospel. Thus, Kentucky Baptists are proud to have our state missions offering named in her honor.

Today, the Eliza Broadus Offering provides vital support for church planting, evangelism, and mission work in Kentucky. The lives of unborn children are being saved by crisis pregnancy centers funded by EBO. Inmates are hearing the gospel, trusting Christ, and being baptized by local churches through ministries funded by EBO. Women in the “adult entertainment industry” are being shown a pathway to freedom and salvation by ministries funded by EBO. Extra support is being provided to local associations, church plants, collegiate ministries, Disaster Relief ministries, and a host of other gospel-centered works in our state.

The Eliza Broadus Offering is an opportunity for Great Commission and Great Commandment giving. Will you join my family and be a part of what God is doing through these ministries by giving through EBO this year?

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ACP: An essential measuring tool

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By now, every Kentucky Baptist Convention church should have received a blank Annual Church Profile report in the mail. The ACP report collects data in a variety of areas, including baptisms, church membership, and attendance, all of which are important measures of our overall strength. Strong data lets the watching world know that God is working in and through our 2,400 congregations.

It also helps me do my job. How so? The KBC was created by churches to help churches. To effectively carry out our assignment, we need to know what’s working and what’s not. And the ACP is perhaps our best measure of that.

For example, we rejoiced after last year’s numbers were totaled to find that KBC churches baptized 13,970 people. That number, while impressive, also raised concerns when we did a comparison that showed baptisms were down slightly from the previous year.

ACP reports can be completed in a matter of minutes. Even so, nearly 20 percent of KBC churches didn’t submit them last year. If they had, I feel certain we’d have seen much higher numbers in every area of measurement.

Beyond Kentucky, each of the approximately 50,000 churches of the Southern Baptist Convention is asked to complete an ACP. As a whole, the information becomes an invaluable resource for understanding who we have been, who we are, and how we are doing as Southern Baptists. Our great history and heritage as a people is best understood in light of the factual record made available to us via the ACP.

If you are a pastor, let me urge you or your designee to fill out this form and mail it back so that we can rejoice with you in what the Lord is doing across the state, and we can help our churches be as effective as possible at reaching Kentucky and the world for Christ. If you’ve already completed the task, then thank you!

Let me also express appreciation to our Directors of Missions. They are tremendous partners in the collection of ACP data. Many of our associations have a consistent track record of 100% of their churches completing the ACP. While it may not be possible for me to follow up with 2,400 churches apart from a mass mailing or newspaper article, our DOMs are able to make personal contact with their affiliated churches. I am most grateful for their investment of time and energy!

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2014 Equip Tour

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The Apostle Paul reminds in Ephesians that the Lord “gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ (4:11-12).” To fulfill our commitment to “help churches reach Kentucky and the world for Christ,” the Kentucky Baptist Convention desires to help equip those who are equipping the saints.

During the month of September, the KBC EQUIP TOUR is coming to a town near you! The EQUIP TOUR could be described as a mini-Super Saturday. The goal of the tour is to provide helpful, practical training that will equip believers to serve their KBC churches with confidence and with excellence.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, from 6:00-9:00 p.m., we will provide training at eight different locations (listed below). There should be at least one EQUIP TOUR stop within an hour’s drive of most every church in Kentucky.

  •  Sept. 8 at Heartland Worship Center in Paducah
  •  Sept. 9 at First Baptist Church in Madisonville
  •  Sept. 15 at Allen Baptist Church in Prestonsburg
  •  Sept. 16 at Beacon Hill Baptist Church in Somerset
  •  Sept. 22 at First Baptist Church of Grayson
  •  Sept. 23 at Williamstown Baptist Church in Williamstown
  •  Sept. 29 at Parkway Baptist Church in Bardstown
  •  Sept. 30 at Glasgow Baptist Church in Glasgow

Training will be provided in the following areas:

  •  Discipleship
  •  Evangelism
  •  Assimilation
  •  Revitalization
  •  Preschool/Children’s Ministry
  •  Sunday School
  •  Worship/Music
  •  Youth Ministry

A special session highlighting how your church can become a champion of children in need through foster parenting will be offered at all events as well. In partnership with Sunrise Children’s Services, Michelle Chitwood and Tera Melber will be presenting “The Sunrise Challenge.” With as many as 300 children on any given night in Kentucky not having a place to stay, we are praying that every KBC church will accept the challenge to find at least one family in their church willing to be trained as foster parents. A breakout session will provide information to help churches understand the needs and opportunities of foster parenting through Sunrise.

For more information, call the Church Consulting and Revitalization Team at (502) 489-3571 or toll-free in Kentucky (866) 489-3571, or send an email to cheryl.frerman@kybaptist.org.

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CCR team exists to equip and strengthen Kentucky Baptist churches

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Two years ago, the Kentucky Baptist Convention adopted a new mission statement: “The Kentucky Baptist Convention—created for churches, by churches, to help churches reach Kentucky and the world for Christ.” We also adopted a new, streamline organizational staffing structure of five teams to facilitate our focus on helping the local church.

The largest among the five teams is the Church Consulting and Revitalization Team. The CCR team exists to equip and strengthen churches in every ministry area. In addition to individual consultants who specialize in areas like worship ministry, women’s ministry, discipleship, etc., we have six regional consultants who serve in a designated geographical area. Our consultants are Alan Witham, Todd Gray, Paul Badgett, Nick Sandefur, Alan Dodson, and Jeff Crabtree. These men are daily about the business of calling on pastors, planters, church leaders, and directors of missions, to encourage and equip them in their ministry.

The following excerpt from an email I recently received from Pastor Jeremy Atwood typifies the feedback I consistently hear regarding our consultants.

“On Sunday I celebrated two years as the pastor of New Harvest Baptist Church in Caneyville (Grayson County) as well as the start of a new fiscal church year. The church had been in significant decline but truly wanted to grow. Not long after I was called to New Harvest I began meeting with Jeff Crabtree. Jeff has become a great resource and friend. New Harvest had great potential and I had a vision for what we could become. Jeff helped me map out that vision and on Sunday we celebrated what God has done at NHBC over the past two years.

Here are some of those statistics:

• In two years worship attendance has increased 55% from 45 to 70

• After doing away with Sunday evening worship and moving to a small group model our total discipleship participation increased from 24 to 75 (total enrollment)

• VBS enrollment increased by 88% as we had 111 enrolled in VBS this summer

• Offerings increased by 22%

• We increased our missions giving (Cooperative Program, local missions, etc) from 1.5% to 8.5% and will move to 10% this church year

• Our new church year began July/August and we have already surpassed total baptisms from last year

While God has brought the increase, he has used the KBC, the church revitalization team, and especially Jeff Crabtree help us in our journey. I wanted to share these numbers with you to say thank you for helping small rural churches and for leading a convention and a team of servants who care so much about the local church.”

I thank God for all of the churches giving through the Cooperative Program that resulted in churches like New Harvest being strengthened.


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