Kentucky Baptists doing a great work

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I have the privilege each year to prepare an executive summary of my work at the Kentucky Baptist Convention to a special review committee appointed by the chair of the Administrative Committee of our Mission Board. Because of the nature of my role, I am blessed to be able to include highlights not only my work but the work of our Mission Board staff and the impact of the cooperative mission work of our 2,400 KBC churches and our KBC entities.

While I could lay personal claim to very little of the work, by God’s grace, I am able to be a cheerleader for all of the work. To be the best cheerleader I can be, and to help Kentucky Baptists celebrate everything that we are part of, I want to share a bullet-point format some of the exciting highlights from the executive summary.

·       KBC churches continued their growth pattern in the number of Kentucky Baptists involved in volunteer mission trips at a rate of more than 5,000 per year, with a 2017 total of 117,475.

·       Hundreds of KBC churches increased their CP giving, including 10 churches that increased more than $25,000 each over the prior year. CP totals for the fiscal year 2017-18 were $653,000 ahead of budget and $975,000 ahead of the previous year, resulting in donations exceeding the budget for a third straight year.

·       KBC anticipates the largest number of newly affiliating churches in 12 years during our Annual Meeting.

·       52 church plants are currently in the 3-year funding phase.

·       Exponential growth in the reach and influence of Kentucky Today, amassing more than 500,000 unique readers during the 12-month period, with over 1.5 million page views. Analytics locate readers in 1,000+ communities and 167 countries.

·       KBC lobbied for the successful overhaul of state adoption and foster care laws and significant pro-life legislation.

·       Oneida Baptist Institute continues with major building projects and growing enrollment.

·       Lance Howerton began his new role as president of Crossings Ministries with a record number of 14,500 campers attending during the summer 2018 season.

·       Record growth of Sunrise Children’s Services, currently surpassing 1,300 clients.

·       KBC initiated and completed an organizational restructuring to merge the Business Services Team into the Executive Office Team, resulting in greater efficiency, elimination of positions, and significant savings in personnel-related costs.

·       KBC conducted the first Church Security Conference, with approximately 1,000 in attendance.

·       KBC launched Three Circles “Train the Trainer” initiative to equip KBC pastors and leaders to provide evangelistic training to Kentucky Baptists in personal evangelism.

·       KBC launched “REFOCUS” to provide evangelistic coaching to KBC pastors and leaders.

·       KBC consulted with hundreds of churches and trained thousands of Kentucky Baptists in efforts towards evangelism, church strengthening, and revitalization.

While there’s much more I could share, let me summarize by saying, you’re doing a great work, Kentucky Baptists! Be encouraged and keep it up!

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