November 2012

Three Truths, Revisited

One year ago, I wrote an article stating that, for its future to be viable, three things must hold true for the KBC. First, I maintained the KBC must constantly strive to meet pastors and churches where they are. Acknowledging our Lord’s commission has not changed, every generation is presented with unique challenges and opportunities […]

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Religious Freedom

This is a guest post by Curtis Woods, Associate Executive Director for Convention Relations & Communications In his classic work, City of God, Augustine reminds readers that even though this world is not our ultimate home, Christians have the responsibility to stand up for truth no matter the cost. Simply put, there are some causes worth

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Cause for Celebration

We are making this year’s book of report available online. It can be accessed at I encourage you to take time to download the book and read all of the reports. I assure you it will be a cause for celebration and thanksgiving to God for the work He is doing through Kentucky Baptists.

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