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Sunrise Trustees Vote to Maintain Hiring Policy

Moments ago, the Board of Trustees of Sunrise Children’s Services voted not to change their hiring policies. For more from Sunrise, read this press release: I rejoice in the courage and conviction exhibited by the board’s decision. While I know, given where our culture is headed, government funding for Sunrise may someday be in jeopardy, […]

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Will Sunrise Become the Poster Child?

Will Sunrise Children’s Services become the new poster-child for the movement to require all religious organizations to affirm and hire gays and lesbians? This article from the Christian Post points in that direction: The New York Times in an editorial denounced the religious exemption clause found in the U.S. Senate bill that bars employment discrimination […]

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Annual Meeting Preview

Days from now Kentucky Baptists will gather for our annual business meeting. This year’s convention will be marked as one of the most important spiritual events in the history of the KBC. How so? Risk: Paducah has a spiritual army of Kentucky Baptists on mission. Numerous local churches are hosting simultaneous revivals and outreach initiatives […]

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Sunrise Children’s Services Board of Trustees

The list of Sunrise Children’s Services trustees, duly and publicly elected by the messengers of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, suddenly disappeared from the organization’s website today. Because I believe those trustees, elected by Kentucky Baptists, deserve to know how Kentucky Baptists feel about the current deliberations of the board, I have posted the names and, […]

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