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SBC Poised to Elect First African-American President

When Southern Baptists gather in New Orleans next month, it’s very likely we’ll do something we’ve never done before: elect an African-American president. Lawrence Smith, a reporter with WDRB here in Louisville, put together this special report about this significant moment in the life of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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The Cooperative Program is Worth Celebrating!

Why is Cooperative Program Sunday, on April 22, worth celebrating? Because through the CP, Kentucky Baptists are helping make possible the work of nearly 5,000 International Mission Board missionaries sharing Christ with more than 900 people groups around the globe. Through the CP, we also support more than 5,000 North American Mission Board missionaries. When […]

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People Want Us to Share Jesus with Them!

An article in USA Today reported on a survey about evangelism conducted by LifeWay Research, a research firm of the Southern Baptist Convention. The survey polled more than 15,000 people and found two ways most people said they were willing to “receive information” about Jesus: 63 percent would hear it in a “personal conversation with […]

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KBC Disaster Relief Responding to Tornadoes

Seeing scenes of the devastation left behind by last week’s tornadoes left most of us who were spared from the disaster asking the same question: “What can I do to help?” If you are part of a church in the Kentucky Baptist Convention, let me give you a quick update on what you are already […]

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Displaying the Gospel through Diversity

I kissed the little Asian girl goodbye, loaded up the dog and a couple of teenage boys, and headed to the woods. There I met up with two Ethiopians and a few others. Is that not the strangest beginning to a story you have ever heard? It’s actually a true story. The “little Asian girl” […]

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