Cause for Celebration

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We are making this year’s book of report available online. It can be accessed at I encourage you to take time to download the book and read all of the reports. I assure you it will be a cause for celebration and thanksgiving to God for the work He is doing through Kentucky Baptists. This week and last, I have posted sections from my report here.

As I mentioned last week, we are celebrating Kentucky Baptist’s increased Cooperative Program giving over the past year. Why is that a cause for celebration?

Through the Cooperative Program, Kentucky Baptists are planting churches, educating Bible college and seminary students, relieving the suffering of tornado victims, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, revitalizing churches, training leaders, caring for orphans, doctoring the sick, counseling addicts, sharing the gospel at summer camp, on university campuses, in barns, shelters, prisons and in many other settings all across Kentucky, North America, and in 180 countries of the world.

In 1837, our Kentucky Baptist forefathers announced their mission was “to supply the destitute with the preaching of the gospel.” Our new vision statement conveys the same urgency for the Lord’s work, recognizing that this work ultimately will be accomplished, not by a denomination, but by the Spirit of God working through the local church. The proper role of the denomination, then, is to assist the local churches that choose to partner together. Therefore, our mission statement is: “The Kentucky Baptist Convention: Created by churches, for churches, to help churches reach Kentucky and the world for Christ.”

As you review the reports from your mission board staff in the Book of Reports, I think you will be as humbled as I. So much ministry was accomplished during a time of great uncertainty. I would be remiss if I did not point out that much of this work was accomplished by staff members who opted to retire or move on to other ministry positions. To say that they finished well as employees of the KBC is an understatement. On behalf of Kentucky Baptists, I again say “thank you” to them.

Twelve months from now, I anticipate new celebrations and new challenges to share with you through this book. I hope you will call upon me and the other members of our Mission Board staff whenever we can be of assistance to you and your church. I thank God continuously for your prayers for me and my family, and your faithfulness in sharing the gospel.

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