Wise Decisions

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wisdom-luke735Jesus said, “Wisdom is proved right by all her children” (Luke 7:35). One way of extrapolating that proverb could be to say that, over time, a wise decision is proven as such.

At our annual meeting in 2013, Kentucky Baptists made the heart-wrenching decision to formally end all ties with Georgetown College. This decision was precipitated by the choice of Georgetown’s trustees to walk away from their Covenant Agreement with Kentucky Baptist churches in 2005. Moreover, Georgetown’s unwillingness to honor the terms of a partnership agreement in place since 2005 made it clear the college was continuing to drift from the churches that had long supported her.

While those facts may have made the decision seem like a “no-brainer,” other circumstances made it grievously difficult. Among those circumstances is the reality that Georgetown is the alma mater of several generations of Kentucky Baptist pastors and lay leaders. Shake the hands of four or five Kentucky Baptists and you have shaken the hands of at least one Georgetown grad. Moreover, Kentucky Baptists have invested tens of millions of dollars in Georgetown. I dare say the college would have closed its doors long ago had it not lived off the generous support of KBC churches and church members. To walk away from such a significant investment of Kingdom resources was a very difficult decision made only after years of study by KBC leaders and countless failed attempts to woo the college back to her churches.

With the matter decided last year, why reference it now?

An article appearing recently in The Georgetonian, the college’s weekly newspaper, stated that the new president, Dwaine Greene, “implied that his commitment to fairness and the College’s willingness to accept gay faculty, staff and students should be seen as a measure of progress.” Another article by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth noted, “The College adopted a formal policy prohibiting discrimination against gay students in 2008. College officials shy away from public acknowledgment of these policies.” The article went on to disclose the fact that the college began to sponsor a gay student group in 2011 and, “In the Spring of 2012, about 90% of the faculty at the College voted in favor of a proposal to expand non-discrimination in hiring to include sexual orientation.” The next statement was particularly revealing, “The proposal was considered especially timely in view of the fact that the College now does employ a few openly gay faculty and staff members.”

Georgetown’s enthusiastic endorsement of lifestyles condemned by Scripture proves the wisdom of the decision made by our churches last year to end the failed partnership agreement with the college. Thank God for our KBC covenant partners still willing to stand with the Bible!


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