Same-sex marriage: A slippery slope toward moral chaos

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Marriage-Man-WomanLast week brought the disappointing news that the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear appeals from states that have had their constitutional definition of marriage undermined by federal judges. While the sin of homosexuality may be no more offensive to God than other sexual sins, for a society to be forced to endorse it through the sacred institution of marriage is both objectionable and dangerous, moving us further down the slippery slope toward moral chaos.

Now is a good time to revisit some of the reasons gay marriage is wrong.

First, gay marriage is wrong because it defies the Bible’s teaching. Biblical morality is not fuzzy when it comes to homosexuality. Both testaments unequivocally condemn it. For example, Leviticus 18:22 prohibits homosexual sin, referring to it as detestable. Romans 1 refers to it as shameful and debased and as something that should never be done. As Jesus taught about marriage in Matthew 19, He defined it exclusively in heterosexual terms, being perfectly consistent with Genesis 2.

Second, gay marriage denies the natural order. Whether one is a Bible-believing creationist or a secular evolutionist, any rational observer of our world must admit that the survival of any and every species on the planet depends upon a natural order that includes reproduction. Homosexuality perverts the natural order and homosexual marriage cheapens the institution of marriage by removing from it the essence of its purpose – producing and parenting children.

Third, state-endorsed homosexual marriage falsely legitimizes homosexual couples as parents. Thus, the state tragically endorses depriving children of their innate need of both a father and a mother. With regard to a mommy and a daddy, children raised by homosexual couples have either/or, not both/and. While many life circumstances other than gay marriage can result in children not having a mother and a father in their lives, gay marriage seems to celebrate the denial of this intrinsic need of children.

Fourth, in states all across the country, homosexual marriage is being forced upon the citizens by liberal judges, even though most states, like Kentucky, have overwhelmingly voted to refuse it. These judges are wrongly subverting the democratic process in tyrannical fashion.

Fifth, homosexual marriage is a headlong leap down the slippery slope toward moral chaos. If the mere profession of an individual’s love for someone or something else were to become the new standard for marriage, gay marriage clearly opens the doorway to bigamy and polygamy and at least cracks the doorway of state-sanctioned childhood brides and even bestiality. This type of government-sanctioned perversion has teenage girls in locker rooms at Louisville’s Atherton High School being required to undress in front of teenage boys pretending to be girls. That kind of moral outrage denies the rights of children to be protected.

Sixth, gay marriage rejects basic sexual morality and is a departure from the entire scope of civilized human history. It turns a blind eye to the historic teachings of every major religion in the world. Determined to alter our society, gay marriage proponents have thrown nature, the needs of children, and the rights of voters to the wind and cast marriage to the moral gutter.

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