When the power’s out, spiritual truths reveal themselves

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Tom-JamesBy Tom James, KBC president

Warren County, where I live, has been rocked by several storms over the past few weeks, producing three separate power outages in our neighborhood. One of the outages lasted 10 hours. God used this lengthy power outage to remind me of some spiritual truths.

  1. Sometimes it takes storms to make us aware of the reality of darkness; it is easy to take light for granted. Once we come to faith in Christ we become part of the “light of the world.” Over time, it is easy to forget that there are billions who are hurting and hopeless, blinded by the darkness, trying to find their way one day at a time. Whether it is carrying our light across the street to a neighbor or to an unreached, unengaged people group, we must let our light shine (Matthew 5:14).
  2. Darkness is uncomfortable. It was HOT when the power was out and our house was without air conditioning. Spiritual darkness is a very uncomfortable place to be. People are looking for meaning, for something to fill the void in their lives. Because they walk in darkness, they often try to bring joy to their lives with the wrong things that only compound their misery.
  3. Those in darkness look for those who have the light. After several hours of darkness, I was frustrated. I actually drove around trying to find those working on the power in hopes of knowing when I would have lights. Those in spiritual darkness are looking for someone — anyone really — who might tell them how to have light in their lives. They drive by our churches and walk past our cubicles at work desperate for hope, and we often are blind to their plight.
  4. Ten hours seemed like a lifetime. In my frustration, the Lord spoke to me and reminded me that a temporary power outage and walking in darkness for a few hours is nothing like walking in darkness for a lifetime, only to then spend eternity in the darkness of hell.
  5. There was joy when the lights finally come on. It was 1:30 a.m. but I still felt like throwing a party. I could finally rest as the house would be more comfortable. The joy I felt when the lights came on is nothing compared to the joy in heaven over a sinner who repents and is ushered from spiritual darkness into light (Luke 15:10).

Being lost is an uncomfortable place to be. For many like myself, we have been saved so long we forget the pain of being lost. We have the One who is the “light” (John 8:12), and we should daily take Him to those in darkness, extending to them the hope that is only found in Him. We have the Holy Spirit who gives power (Acts 1:8). It is He who uses us to help those walking in darkness to walk into the light. Let’s take the light while there is time, for night comes when no man will work (John 9:4).

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