Annual review highlights serve as encouragement for churches

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Each year, your KBC Mission Board staff members sit down with their immediate supervisor to review their work over the past year and agree upon goals for the upcoming year. This meeting is important to help each team member plan his/her work in concert with the mission statement of the KBC and is one part of the overall employee performance assessment process at KBC.

Supervision of the Executive Director-Treasurer position falls not upon one person but upon every member of the Mission Board. Since that board has over 100 members and a two-way conversation with a group that large is difficult, the Administration Committee of the board appoints a sub-committee for my review. In preparation for my review, I typically compile information to include in an “Executive Summary” of my work and the work of the Mission Board staff over the past year. Here is some of the information I included.

Strategic Results of the Cooperative Work of KBC Churches and the Mission Board Staff:

  • Continued growth pattern in KBC total church membership at a rate of nearly 10,000 per year
  • Continued growth pattern in the number of Kentucky Baptists involved in volunteer mission trips at a rate of more than 5,000 per year, with a 2016 total of 105,415
  • Celebrated and encouraged the evangelistic efforts of KBC churches as they baptized over 13,700 new believers
  • Supported 50 KBC church plants currently in the 3-year funding phase
  • Celebrated and encouraged the ongoing sacrificial giving of Kentucky Baptists who contributed more than $30,000,000 through the Cooperative Program and the state, national, and international missions offerings
  • Lobbied for the most significant prolife legislation passed in Kentucky in 13 years as well as legislation passed to strengthen the protection of religious liberties in Kentucky
  • Encouraged, trained, and equipped thousands of Kentucky Baptists through personal visits, sermons, seminars, and events in areas like missions, evangelism, church planting, revitalization, and discipleship
  • Facilitated the work of KBC Disaster Relief volunteers as they served thousands of people in the midst of tragedy in Kentucky, neighboring states, and around the world
  • Witnessed exponential growth in the reach and influence of Kentucky Today, amassing more than 125,000 unique readers between March 1, 2017 and July 1, 2017. Google Analytics locates readers in 1,000+ communities in the state and in 167 countries
  • Worked with Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, his staff, and cabinet leaders to launch the Open Hearts/Open Homes initiative for adoption and foster care reform

Strategic Hires:

Rob Patterson, Regional Consultant

Larry Purcell, Regional Consultant

Matthew Mofield, Baptist Campus Missionary

Tom Latek, Kentucky Today Frankfort Correspondent

Todd Gray, Evangelism & Church Planting Team Leader

Mark Maynard, Managing Editor, Kentucky Today

Savannah Lewis, Electronic Media Assistant

Nick Stamford, Information Technology Help Desk Representative

The cooperative work of Kentucky Baptists is much more than can be communicated in a brief article but hopefully the above highlights are an encouragement to you and your church as you support and participate in that work. I thank God for your partnership in the gospel (Philippians 1:5).

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