KY Baptists are doing more together, even as the world becomes more divided

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If you support the cooperative mission work of the 2,400 churches of the Kentucky Baptist Convention by tithing in a church that gives through the Cooperative Program, by giving through the Eliza Broadus Offering for State Missions, and/or by serving in a KBC ministry, thank you! For 181 years, Kentucky Baptists have remained committed to working together for the cause of reaching Kentucky and the world for Christ. Thankfully, there’s no indication of a waning devotion to this cause. Evidence, in fact, points to the contrary, as Kentucky Baptists are pulling together and doing more in a day and age when polarization, strife, and division seem to characterize just about every facet of life. The tangible impact of our unified convention is remarkable and historic. I want highlight two aspects of our work.


First, Kentucky Baptists are headed to the mountains! More than two years ago, when we began dreaming about taking the 2018 KBC annual meeting to Pikeville, we were hoping the effort would be an encouragement to churches in the Eastern Kentucky. As we’ve met with pastors, DoMs, and state missionaries, that dream has become a plan called Hope for the Mountains, a one-night crusade event scheduled for Nov. 11, the Sunday preceding the KBC annual meeting in Pikeville. We are praying that God will use this event as a time of eternal harvest for those being evangelized by churches throughout the region. We’ve already had two churches, one from the region, First Baptist Pikeville, and another from as far away as you can get (and still be in Kentucky), First Baptist Lone Oak in Paducah, make a very generous financial commitment to this effort. If you, your church or association want to help bring hope to the mountains, donations can be mailed to KBC and designated to “Hope for the Mountains.” The address is 13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive, Louisville, KY 40223. You can also give online to “Hope for the Mountains” at


Second, Kentucky Baptists are working together in the state capitol. As you may already know, the combined efforts of our legislative agent, Tom Troth, our news service, Kentucky Today, and our state chaplain, Steve Weaver, has given us an elevated platform from which to impact state government for the sake of Christ. God is granting us great success with significant pieces of legislation passed during the 2018 General Assembly to safeguard unborn children, battle against human trafficking, protect the rights of crime victims, provide better support for foster children, expedite adoptions, and hold back the plagues of casinos and legalized marijuana.


Working together, Kentucky Baptists are doing more. We are caring for more abused and neglected children through Sunrise than we’ve ever cared for in our history, approximately 1,200. More than 14,000 teens and older children will hear the gospel in our Crossings camps this summer, more ministry couples will be encouraged at Shepherding, more churches will be planted, more broken lives will be touched through Disaster Relief, refugee ministries, homeless ministries, and collegiate ministries. More pastors will be encouraged and equipped by our regional consultants and trained by our Evangelism Team, and more churches are being connected to mission opportunities in Kentucky and around the world through our Mission Mobilizations Team. More for Christ.



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