My favorite question of all time

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I’m occasionally asked, most often by young pastors, “How can I get involved in the KBC?” I love that question. In fact, it is one of the most gratifying and hopeful questions I’m asked. When more people get involved in the cooperative mission work of Kentucky Baptists, more of that mission work gets done. More churches get planted, more orphans get loved, more people take mission trips and, most importantly, more people hear the gospel.

So, how can you get involved, or more involved, in the cooperative mission work of Kentucky Baptists? Here are three simple steps.

First, take advantage of opportunities to learn about the work and find the area that appeals to your gifts and interests. Attend the KBC annual meeting, come as a guest to one of the meetings of the Mission Board, check out the information on the KBC website, sign up for Kentucky Today, subscribe to the Western Recorder, and meet with a member of our KBC team. As you learn more about the ministries and mission work of Kentucky Baptists, you will also learn about events like mission vision tours, training opportunities for Disaster Relief, and how to become a foster parent.

Second, if you are interested in the work “behind the scenes,” then talk to those already involved and let them know you are willing to serve alongside them. Behind the visible work of Kentucky Baptists are a host of committees and boards that plan and oversee the work. The most well known is probably the KBC Mission Board. Most Mission Board members are nominated by their local Baptist association and processed by the KBC Committee on Nominations before being elected by the messengers at the KBC annual meeting. Membership on our KBC entity boards, like the governing boards of Oneida Baptist Institute, Sunrise Children’s Services, Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, etc, begins with the recruiting efforts of the entity president, vetting by the KBC Committee on Nominations, and election by the messengers at the KBC annual meeting. The KBC president and members of the KBC Committee on Committees appoint people to serve on a host of convention committees and in other special roles. The bottom line is that the best way to get involved in the work behind the scenes is to connect with people already involved and share your availability.

Third, sacrificially support the work by praying and giving. Prayers and financial support makes possible the cooperative mission work of Kentucky Baptists. As you lead your church to pray and to give generously through the Cooperative Program, state missions offering, and other special offerings, you become involved in every aspect of the work. You are now helping to love the orphan through Sunrise, helping to equip pastors through our educational institutions, helping minister to the homeless, the prisoner, and the addict. You are providing a hot meal to a storm victim in Puerto Rico, mudding out the  house of a flood victim in Houston, handing out a backpack full of school supplies to a second grader whose father lost his mining job in Prestonsburg, and giving a week’s worth of food to a teenager raising her 3 younger siblings, orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Johannesburg.

And with all of them, you are sharing Jesus. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in that?


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