Up for a challenge? So. Baptists aim for 1M gospel conversations

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The GC (Gospel Conversations) Challenge launched during the Kentucky Baptist Convention annual meeting, in partnership with the North American Mission Board, is an effort to help Kentucky Baptists be more intentional in the sharing the gospel. The GC Challenge invites every church to set a goal for the number of gospel conversations their members will have over the next 12 months and post that goal at gcchallenge.com. As an encouragement to others, you can also post on the website a one-minute video from your smartphone about your most recent gospel conversation.

We are undertaking the GC Challenge in partnership with our sister state conventions and the North American Mission Board, hoping to encourage every Southern Baptist to have more gospel conversations. The goal for all SBC churches combined is 1 million gospel conversations over the next 12 months. While it would not be possible for one church to share the gospel with 1 million people in 12 months, working together, with God’s help, I believe 46,000 churches can do the impossible.

The last time I checked, out of 42 state conventions, Kentucky Baptists’ testimonies describing a recent gospel conversation and posted on the GC Challenge website comprise more than one fourth of all the video testimonies. Will you join us as we spur one another on toward love and good deeds by having your church set a goal for gospel conversations, posting that goal on the GC Challenge website, and possibly even sharing a one-minute video about one of your gospel conversations on the website?

I’m thankful for two deacons from the Baptist church in my little mountain town who went out knocking on doors one night, having gospel conversations. I’m thankful they made it to 210 Provins Street, to a rented house where a single father was raising three boys on his own, and had a gospel conversation with him and then invited him to church. I’m thankful for the young Baptist preacher named Alan Herrod who, a few years later, sat in our living room and had a gospel conversation with my older brother that my younger brother and I listened in on. God used those gospel conversations to save me. And I know God wants to save others.

God did not save us and transfer us to heaven. He has saved us and left us here to share the life-giving gospel with those who are still lost from Him and His family. Like us, they need Jesus. Will you join me and fellow Southern Baptists across this country by being a part of the GC Challenge?




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